Dear Tony 

I want to thank you and your team for the incredible and trust inspiring service I experienced at the Nearco workshop last week. The alloy bracket that attaches my car’s side mirror to the car broke in half and tore out of the car during an accident, and was dangling by its electrical cable.  Due to specific constraints, I could not get a new mirror unit. 

After a brief phone conversation with JP in parts, who seemed to be able to visualise every part I was describing and knew immediately what I was talking about despite my auto-unfamiliar vocabulary, I was advised to bring  my car to the Nearco workshop to brainstorm and bounce around some miracle solutions to make my car drivable again.  I needed it done quickly and as securely and as a new mirror would have been.  This seemed like an unlikely task to tackle as the alloy bracket could not be soldered to one solid piece again, and the bolts had also been ripped out.  The entire team participated in the process, including the Workshop Manager, Mac.

While I thought we were still at troubleshooting stage, which I dreaded would end up having a negative diagnosis, I was a little surprised to see that the technician, Thinus, was stripping the car door open, within minutes.  I was about to stop him because after having spoken to some other specialists, I was assured that some of the internal clips would break off in the process.  As my car is a Scirocco, and not something I thought he would usually work on, I was truly in awe to see the skill with which he disassembled the entire car door, with electrical wiring going to speakers, mirror, windows etc.  It took him minutes to disassemble the mirror and every part of the door, with obvious instinctive knowledge of what to expect where, and not pausing to give anything a second thought.  His hands virtually glided from one area to the next, without a pause to see what he was dealing with or touching.  He illustrated true knowledge and rare skill.

When he started doing to job, it was clear that he had the entire plan worked out in his head already within minutes, and to see what he was doing, was the most awe- and trust inspiring experience that any customer could possibly have experienced from an automotive workshop. 

Although the entire job took a few hours from start to finish, the brilliance and the level of excellence was so astonishing while he worked at the speed of light, that I felt I had to send a heart-felt thank you letter.  It’s rare to find service these days that is as efficient and also tops one’s expectation to this extent.

I give a brief explanation of the practical genius of the plan below:

He started by tracing the bracket onto a steel plate and cutting the shape out.

Then he drilled various holes into each part of the bracket, and then through the steel plate too. 

The next step was to put Pratley Steel glue between the bracket and the steel plate, as well as down the crack.

Screws were bolted in to secure the bracket to the steel plate.

More Pratley Steel was put thickly onto all the bolts and over the crack, and thereby making the bracket many times thicker and stronger than what it originally was, or a new one could possibly have been.

Resting in the sun to dry thoroughly.

The crack in the black plastic cover was also properly fixed with copious amounts of Q-bond on the inside.

And the end result, better than new!  I took this picture a bit fast as Mac still ensured that all marks were taken off the mirror afterwards.

From a delighted client.