Shantui SD52-5

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Make: Cummins 
Model: QSK19 
Rated Power: 392 kW @ 1800 rpm 
Maximum Torque: 3019 Nm @ 1300 rpm 
Displacement: 19 L 
Cylinder: 6 – 159 x 159 mm (bore x stroke) 
Water cooled: Yes 
Direct injection: Yes 
Radiator: Enlarged tropical radiator

Power Transmission

Torque converter: 3-element, single-stage, single phase, torque converter with lockup clutch 
Transmission: Planetary gear type, multiple-disc clutch, hydraulically-actuated and force lubricated 
Main drive: Spiral bevel gear, single-stage speed reduction, splash lubrication 
Steering clutch: Level controlled steering clutches. Wet, multiple-disc, spring loaded, hydrauli- cally released . Steering clutches and brakes are interconnected. 
Steering brake: Pedal/level controlled steering brake. Wet, multiple disc, spring loaded, hydraulically released and normally engaged. Steering clutches and brakes are interconnected. 
Final drive: Spur and planetary gear sets double reduction, splash lubrication.
Number of drive wheel teeth: 25

Undercarriage System

Type: Sprayed beam, suspended structure of equalizer 
Carrier rollers: 2 each side 
Track rollers: 7 each side 
Track type: Master link, single grouser, sealed and lubricated
Track shoe width: 610 mm 
Grouser height: 93 mm 
No. of track shoes: 40 each side 
Pitch: 280 mm 
Ground pressure: 0.1469 Mpa

Hydraulic Control System

Rated pressure: 20.6 MPa 
Pump type: Gear Pump 
Flow rate: 243 L/min 
Blade lift cylinder: Φ150 mm × 2 
Blade tilt cylinder: Φ225 mm × 1 
Ripper cylinder: Φ225 mm × 2, Φ200 mm × 2


Ripper type: Single shank ripper
Maximum digging depth: 1435 mm
Maximum lift above ground: 1105 mm
Weight: 3946 kg (without cylinders


Adjustable air suspension seat: YES 
Seat belt: YES 
Strobe light: YES 
Fire extinguisher: YES, SABS Standard 
Engine oil pressure meter: YES 
Hydraulic oil temperature meter: YES 
Coolant temperature meter: YES 
Hour meter: YES 
Voltage meter: YES

Dimensions and Weight

Overall length: 10387 mm 
Overall width: 4690 mm 
Overall height: 4162 mm 
Ripper overall width: 3630 mm 
Machine width (Blade off): 8576 mm 
Machine length (Blade off): 610 mm 
Min. ground clearance: 6.786 mm 
Gradeability: 30° 
Track Gauge: 2500 mm 
Operating weight: 67,5 ton

Electrical Equipment

Batteries: 2 x 12 V-165 Ah 
Starter Motor: 7.5 kW 
Alternator: 35 A


Fuel tank: 640 L 
Engine coolant: 121 L 
Engine oil: 47 L 
Hydraulic tank: 164 L 
Transmission and steering case: 185 L 
Final drive case: 110 L each side